Carbon Curtain Cross Laying Machine Belt
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Carbon Curtain Cross Laying Machine Belt

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Uliflex developed a cross-laid mesh belt/carbon curtain based on years of industrial belt production service experience, continuous research, close contact with the non-woven industry and long-term cooperation with equipment manufacturers.

Carbon Curtain Cross Laying Machine Belt
Carbon curtain features

① High-grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) surface material combined with chemical-resistant polymer surface coating, high horizontal flatness, flat mesh;

② Thicker belt structure, high conductivity on the surface of the belt, and very good release performance;

③Adopting the tooth connection method, the thickness error between the interface and the carbon curtain body is very small, and it is flexible


① Excellent chemical resistance, no catalysis, aging or micro-cracks on the surface, long service life, no flowers on the belt surface

, Will not crease, the cloth net will not be damaged or put too high;

② Perfect positive direction, reliable production and maintenance-free, reducing operating costs, suitable for all kinds of man-made fibers, fiber cloth sticking to the surface of the belt;

③ Consistent performance The joint is as soft as the belt body, and the downtime is short.

The connection of Mingcheng transmission carbon curtain is fast and simple, maintenance-free, highly oriented, and has a long service life. Many types of heights are suitable for various applications:

High-strength belt suitable for open cotton and blended cotton

Ultra-light and smooth belt suitable for high-speed cross-lapping machines

Cut-resistant belt suitable for use as a cloth cutting machine belt

Equipped with a special surface structure, it can realize gentle conveying in the washing operation.

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