Flat belt manufacturers: what circumstances belt easy bad

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
What circumstance can accelerate the wear of belt speed? In previous posts Uliflex flat belt manufacturers mentioned the concept of relative wear degree is different, is the customer in the same industrial belt between the use of the product on time, which is caused by different customers different usage scenarios. In previous posts on this subject we've talked about carefully, small make up today to chat with you what kind of usage scenarios can accelerate the wear of belt speed, reduce the normal service life. In fact about this problem more significant is Uliflex flat belt manufacturer of flat belt series products, we have sample return visit to some customer usage, found that although some industries there are same between them use time limit is inconsistent. And understanding of modern manufacturing friends all know, modern production is standardization production, standardized management, greatly reduce the uncertainty and quality of early handmade jagged. Caused this to happen is the user in the daily production work ignore a point, because industrial belt is not always so conspicuous. Believe everyone understand a point, different production scenarios will largely affect the work efficiency of the equipment, as well as the equipment loss rate, it is like a butterfly effect. Flat belt is usually and industrial rubber and nylon film base composition, in use Uliflex flat belt manufacturers recommend to avoid acid and sharp metal damage to the belt body, the move to the positive role of a visible impact on the belt, extend the time limit. Welcome general customers are industrial belt related information consultation Uliflex flat belt manufacturers, our company can provide you with quality products and technical support.
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