Imported industrial belts for ceramic tile equipment

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
Imported industrial belts are used in many industries, not to mention the distant ones. The ceramic tiles and small tiles that are close to oneself are processed layer by layer. Every step is processed by industrial belts. Industrial belts are used for tile transfer. PVC conveyor belts are used. Timing belt plus wear-resistant PU or rubber, air compressor adopts high-speed toothed triangle belt, ceramic tile hoist adopts imported industrial belt for longer life, ceramic tile cutting equipment generally uses wear-resistant conveyor belt at the bottom and imported wear-resistant red The rubber and belt are wear-resistant as a whole, the surface is soft and highly elastic, the friction force is large, and the belt does not slip. The working environment of this belt is relatively harsh, and the solid belt must use imported industrial belts for longer life.
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