Imported triangle belt layout and functional

by:Uliflex     2020-05-27
From the aspects of the function of the polyester cord, the layout and characteristics of the imported triangle belt, the formulation plan of the strong layer rubber, the selection of the technological premises and the product function, the application problems of the polyester triangle belt are discussed. With the endless growth of machine products, the requirements of the transmission system for the triangle belt are getting higher and higher, especially the requirements for the raw material of the strong layer should have high tensile strength, small exercise elongation, resistance to bending fatigue, attack resistance, heat resistance , Good size invariability, good adhesion to rubber and other sophisticated functions. The strong layer, also known as the center layer, is the skeleton of the triangle belt. The raw materials are cords, ropes, and steel ropes. They must be subject to most tensions and require high tensile strength. The imported triangle belts have low elongation and flex resistance And fatigue resistance and other functions. Covering layer: It is made of plain weave canvas with oblique cut at 45 °. It has excellent stretching and friction functions. It connects each component into a whole, protects the other components from wear and erosion, and can increase the stiffness of the triangle belt. Dip. The functional polyester fiber of polyester cord belongs to the hetero-bond fiber of synthetic fiber, and its long-bond molecular layout contains ester groups, so it is called polyester. Polyester is referred to as PET fiber. The trade name of our country is 'polyester', the chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate, and the density is 1.38g / cm. Polyester fiber has the advantages of high strength, high modulus, wet strength and dry strength, good resistance to fatigue, good heat resistance, and unchanged size. However, it has poor adhesion to rubber, and is easily degraded in case of amines, and its strength drops obviously.
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