Introduction of belt conveying knowledge

by:Uliflex     2020-07-04
1. Coal conveyor belt knowledge Ordinary conveyor belt; rubber conveyor belt; canvas (CC) conveyor belt; nylon (NN) conveyor belt; polyester (EP) conveyor belt; heat-resistant conveyor belt; endless conveyor belt; rib conveyor belt; large inclination rib conveyor belt ; Skirt conveyor belt; pattern conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt, oil resistant conveyor belt, burning resistant conveyor belt, high temperature resistant conveyor belt, cold resistant conveyor belt, whole core flame retardant conveyor belt (PVC / PVG); mining support Roller; Ceramic idler; Nylon idler; Conveyor idler; Bracket; Tensioner; Centering up and down; Lifting ears; Conveyor; Drive roller; Reversing roller; Electric roller; Magnetic pulley (magnetic roller); Cleaner ; Couplings; various conveying equipment; conveying accessories; TD75 conveying machinery and supporting products more than 200. Processing customized all kinds of special-shaped conveyor belt / special environment conveyor belt / various special-shaped roller (1) Ordinary conveyor belt    1. This product is made of cotton canvas (CC) or dimensional cotton interlace dipping canvas (VC) through the processes of calendering, forming and vulcanization.    2. The product is suitable for conveying non-corrosive, non-corrosive, lump-shaped, granular, powdered materials, such as coal, coke, sand, cement and other bulk materials or materials at room temperature.    3. This product adapts to the requirements of different use conditions, and can be made into different structures such as hemming type, open side type, middle ladder type and side ladder type. Note:    1. If you have special specifications, please write or contact us.    2. The thickness of the upper and lower cover layers can be selected according to the range in the table.    3. The width of the adhesive tape, the deviation of the thickness of the cover layer and the deviation of the length of the adhesive tape shall be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the national standard GB/T4490-94.    4. The longitudinal full-thickness tensile strength specification series shall be implemented in accordance with GB/T7894-87.
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