It is necessary to meet you teng ying this type polyurethane synchronous belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
A simple know synchronous belt and for polyurethane synchronous belt to today has a long history. Over the years, through continuous research and development and improvement of the technical staff, has been very mature, synchronous belt transmission is at present the market by thermoplastic polyurethane for the material of polyurethane synchronous belt transmission belt can be divided into single and double teeth two kinds. Second, the performance characteristics of polyurethane synchronous belt Uliflex production of polyurethane synchronous belt has the following characteristics: 1, transmission accuracy, non-slip at work, have a constant velocity ratio; 2, smooth transmission, quiet, buffers, damping capacity, low noise; 3, high transmission efficiency, Up to 98%) , obvious energy saving effect; 4, convenient maintenance, without lubrication, low maintenance cost; 5, large range of speed ratio and linear velocity can reach 50 m/s, has great power transmission range, can reach several to several hundred thousand watts; 6, can be used for long distance transmission, center distance can reach more than 10 m. Due to its excellent performance characteristics, polyurethane ( PU) Synchronous belt is widely used in all walks of life all kinds of mechanical equipment. Three, why choose Uliflex purchase, custom polyurethane synchronous belt, why choose Uliflex? Choose Uliflex the reason is that there are these: 1, Uliflex is polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer, you get in Uliflex here buy products is factory price, because of no intermediaries earn price difference, Uliflex synchronous belt product content cheap cheap; 2, Uliflex founded in 2008, the polyurethane ( PU) Synchronous belt production factory, have 10 years to today, mature production technology, keep a long-term cooperation relationship with large quantities of customers. 3, behind Uliflex has a senior professional and technical consultants to provide 24 hours technical support service! To understand the above information, for you Uliflex and polyurethane synchronous belt and what question? Welcome to come to consult! We will give you sincere service.
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