It's right to choose industrial belts in winter

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
Silicone industrial belt has obvious advantages, non-sticky surface, operating temperature -30/100, gap temperature -60/250 degrees, the belt body is relatively soft, and the industry is widely used, such as ovens, refrigerated conveying equipment, especially suitable The surface of the belt body in cold weather is not easy to crack and not hard. The surface of the silicone industrial belt is white, the thickness of the polyester cloth on the back is 1.7 to 5.0mm, the roller diameter is 40 to 150mm, and the width of the silicone industrial leather is 2000mm. The silicone conveyor belt is suitable for flat conveyor belts and roller conveyor conveyor belts. It is food grade, not suitable for troughs. Type conveying, not anti-static, not suitable for flame-retardant, generally white, or natural color, the joint method is ground, steel buckle joint, etc.

Silica gel is a special material, and its surface activity is very low. Generally, it can be bonded with other materials after surface treatment.

For example: the conveyor belt of the magnetic separator is in the northeast or relatively cold outdoors, and the working environment is harsh. The silicone belt fully meets all the conditions of the magnetic separator. It is correct to choose the industrial belt of magnetic separator in winter.
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