Rubber synchronous belt why popular

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Rubber synchronous belt is a kind of synchronous belt. It USES only rubber as raw materials. It is widely used, stable performance. It is very suitable for textile, machine tools, communication cable, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, instrument, food, automobile industry, was warmly welcomed by enterprises. Rubber synchronous belt because of its light structure, prevent slippery meshing transmission and less noise, is recognized and widely used in machinery, textiles, precision instrument, petrochemical industry, communication cable, etc. It not only combines the advantages of gear transmission, chain drive and belt drive, and overcomes the shortcomings and so on other drive belt skid and elongation, constitutes a unique way of transmission, but also in constant speed, large speed range, compact structure, agricultural multi-axle transmission, oil resistant, moisture, do not need lubrication etc and popular. Our rubber synchronous belt has been successfully developed, in other to reverse the belt drive and auxiliary drive linkage area shows its characteristics. Mesh winding performance is strong, high tensile strength, accurate, low signal-to-noise ratio.
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