Several kinds of wear and tear generated during

by:Uliflex     2020-06-11
(1) Due to the friction and wear of the belt edge of the pattern conveyor belt and the frame The conveyor belt should run on the center line of the idler group, but due to the defects caused by the manufacture, installation and use of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt often deviates from the center line and deviates. Generally, the conveyor belt is in the direction of the bandwidth Allow 5% deviation. When the deviation is too much, the conveyor belt will contact with the roller bracket and the frame and cause the edge rubber to wear. If the deviation is serious, the conveyor belt may even be edged. If there are screws in the radial direction of the drum The raised parts such as the head and the cleaner stopper, or the gap between the frames is too small, which may cause the conveyor belt to crack, and the twisted capping rubber will be partially peeled and scratched. (2) The wear of the pattern conveyor belt caused by the material picking baffle As mentioned above, the wear of the baffle on the conveyor belt is a special kind of wear. If the design method of the baffle is improved and attention is paid to maintenance, this wear can be almost avoided. In order to prevent the material from falling down at the loading point, a strong rigid rubber (generally used waste tape is more rigid), and a large pressure on the conveyor belt is the main reason for wear. Sometimes, the installation only starts from reducing the pressure of the baffle on the conveyor belt. When the baffle wears to a certain degree, the material will aggravate the wear when it enters between the conveyor belt and the baffle. (3) Cleaner wear The wear caused by the cleaner to the pattern conveyor belt is usually uniform, but when the harder plate is used as the cleaning plate, if it is not used properly, it will also cut off the rubber except dirt. When foreign objects enter between the tip of the cleaner and the conveyor belt, a deep mark will be drawn on the entire length of the conveyor belt. (4) Wear of roller The bottom cover of the conveyor belt is also subject to self-aligning rollers and forward tilting rollers. The transition from the box roller to the drum and the curved protrusions of the conveyor are worn. When the rollers and rollers rotate poorly for some reason, it will also increase the wear of the search layer under the conveyor belt.
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