Teng ying industrial belt: why do you shop around to see the price gap so big

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Excess capacity has been in recent years since the high frequency of words between the manufacturer, whether you are state-owned enterprises or private enterprises of manufacturing industry. Here Uliflex industrial belt wanted to talk to you about the problem is, why customers shop around after the offer has a certain gap? If you want to find the answer to this question we still should speak of from common manufacturing industry. In the same industry have three factories, but because of their different operating conditions, they also have three kinds of states, profit, break-even and loss. But as manufacturers Uliflex industrial belt can be responsible to tell you that profits must be the price is high, the enterprise, the capital preservation and even have a small amount of profit is the price in the middle of that, the loss that must be followed price war. It is not difficult to understand, and a look at them roughly three companies of state seems to be reversed, but in the industrial belt industry. Core competitive ability is always Uliflex efforts in the direction of the industrial belt manufacturer, this is our product is high quality. Recently there are other manufacturing friend asked Uliflex industrial belt manufacturers, you choose the meager profit but high turnover or selecting duoli pin, in terms of market actually often is not so much choice, can do is to make products. But the meager profit but high turnover must mean a price war in the red sea, this is also the contemporary enterprises can also enjoy rather than dividends more accurate, cheaper labor costs. Lower prices for consumers really is very tempting, but where the consumers can't see behind such cheap products is so unbearable.
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