0. What is the thickness of 25 mm belt? Teng ying meng industrial belt manufacturer

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
0. What kind of a thickness of 25 mm is, I believe that for most people it is difficult to have an intuitive understanding, but familiar with machining friend is understanding, such a digital unit on processing not strange, even feel not enough precision. But the Uliflex industrial belt manufacturer today received such a customer consultation, do you have a zero. The thickness of 25 mm flat belt? When the Uliflex industrial belt sales manager see customer sent the message directly to the people dizzy, 0. 25 mm is a what concept? 0. 02 mm is the diameter of a human hair, we can put aside the differences between different hair to do a calculation, 13 lines up human hair without gap may be able to achieve such a numerical, thickness is very difficult to imagine. Not surprisingly, we once again and customer to confirm the thickness after customer said is sending messages only wrong thickness was careless, and the true thickness is 2. 5 mm flat belt. Here before we hanging heart down, who broke the barrier material technology, can be made in such a thickness belt strong and durable. 2. In 5 mm Uliflex industrial belt products series are not uncommon, is a specifications, use frequency is very high in the process of fully communicate and customer we recommend the GT series for the customer the flat belt, 2. 5 mm thickness model with various aspects of performance fully meet customer requirements. The yellow green color flat belt also have more choices in terms of thickness, at the same time, more mature products will have more model set. Here Uliflex industrial belt manufacturers want to warn broad customer, at the time of order products must verify the accuracy of their data, avoid was careless will be visible damage to both sides.
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