4 enter the industry. The era of teng, British polyurethane synchronous belt factory is ready!

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Now we have entered the industrial 4. Age of 0, and guangzhou Uliflex polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer, has been well prepared to meet the arrival of the era. 4 for industry. 0 slightly understand should all know, the project is mainly divided into three topics: 1, intelligent factory; 2, intelligent production; 3, smart logistics. 4. The advent of the era of 0 means that a lot of automation equipment is applied to the production and manufacturing, automation equipment in the power transmission is bound to have a drive device involved. German industrial 4. 0 factory ( Chart) In transmission mechanism, the belt is one of the main transmission method in mechanical transmission, with many excellent properties are widely used in all walks of life in various types of mechanical transmission, it is a commonly used flexible transmission mechanism. The transmission has the following characteristics: 1, smooth transmission, and it can moderate impact, absorption of vibration; 2, transmission noise is small, can effectively reduce environmental pollution; 3, can be used for high speed and high power transmission; 5, can be directly at larger distance or close distance relay movement; 6, compared with chain or gear drive, belt transmission of simple structure, low cost. Pu synchronous belt pu synchronous belt is the industrial belt of a belt driving, it is depend on the tooth engages with the teeth on the pulley groove passing movement. It can be achieved with chain or the same fixed ratio gear drive. Polyurethane synchronous belt with: 1, excellent wear resistance, not to drop powder; 2, has excellent oil resistance and corrosion resistance, don't need to be maintained at ordinary times; 3, not affected by damp environment, and is not influenced by ultraviolet radiation, ozone; 4, has the very high transmission efficiency; 5, drive quiet, low noise characteristics. Guangzhou Uliflex, polyurethane synchronous belt of professional manufacturers, 15 years of research and development, production, processing and sales experience of industrial belt, is your trusted cooperation and partner!
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