About at10 synchronous belt wheel at design time to do this

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Believe that knowledge of synchronous belt products and few people know that the synchronous belt wheel products, this is two different products, but actually can't be separated, both from this level is not completely independent individual. While the synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel also has a lot of different kinds. While AT10 AT10 synchronous wheel with belt wheel is in the middle of a pitch for 10 of the synchronous belt pulley. And at10 synchronous wheel synchronous belt wheel at the time of design, but other synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel design is very like. Need to do is to simplify the design: according to the belt wheel gear drive transmission power, input speed, transmission ratio and other conditions, to determine the center distance, such as modulus of main parameters. If the center distance, the modulus is known, can skip this step. At10 synchronous belting leather wheel at the time of design and geometric design calculation, design and calculation of synchronous belt wheel gear basic parameters, and the geometric size calculation. Intensity: after the basic parameters, accurate tooth surface contact strength and tooth root bending strength check. If did not meet the requirements of strength checking, can return. So in fact, whatever the synchronous belt or a belt wheel are have their own design requirements and not out of most of the products.
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