Advantages and characteristics of V-ribbed belt

by:Uliflex     2020-07-06
The advantages of the V-ribbed belt are: the contact area and friction force between the V-ribbed belt and the pulley are large, and the load is distributed evenly along the bandwidth, so the transmission capacity is greater; because the belt body is thin and light, flexible, and reasonable in structure, so Low working stress, can work on smaller pulleys; V-ribbed belt also has the characteristics of low transmission vibration, fast heat dissipation, stable operation, small elongation, large transmission ratio and high limit line speed, etc., so the life is longer; energy saving effect Obviously, the transmission efficiency is high; the transmission is compact and takes up little space. In addition, the back of the V-ribbed belt can also be transmitted, and an automatic tension adjuster can be used to make the transmission safer and more reliable. The multi-ribbed belt is especially suitable for high-speed transmission with compact structure and high transmission power.  The main features of the multi-ribbed belt are as follows:    1. The belt is thin and flexible, suitable for transmission with a small pulley diameter (less than the traditional triangle belt pulley), and can also drive multiple wheels. Adapt to high-speed transmission, the belt speed can reach 40m/s; small vibration, less heat and stable operation.    2. The transmission power is large. When the space is the same, it is 30% higher than that of the ordinary V-belt.    3. Heat resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, small elongation, long life.    4. The transmission system has a compact structure. Under the same transmission power, the transmission device takes up 25% less space than the ordinary V-belt.  Multi-ribbed belt is also called multi-groove belt or multi-groove belt, which is mainly used for transmission of power equipment such as engine and motor. The types currently on the market are: PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM  V-ribbed belt, also known as air-conditioning belt, its role is to drive the generator, air-conditioning compressor, steering booster pump, hang on the crankshaft belt reel, tightened by the air-conditioning belt tensioner. When this belt is damaged, you will feel that the power is heavy and there is no steering power. If the air conditioner is turned on, the air conditioner compressor will not start, so it cannot be cooled; the generator does not generate electricity, so it cannot charge the battery. A battery in good working condition should be able to travel about 20 kilometers without charging. Therefore, if you encounter a broken belt on the road, you can find the nearest repair station to repair according to the distance. According to Volkswagen’s requirements, it is replaced every 60,000 kilometers, but because its damage cannot be calculated in kilometers, if the belt is checked during maintenance, there is no aging phenomenon, so it can not be replaced. Due to the damage of this belt, it will not be like the timing belt Damage will bring you a large amount of economic loss, so you can also replace it according to the aging situation of the belt, and you can save some maintenance costs.
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