An Analysis of the Cause of the Loss of Imported V-belt

by:Uliflex     2020-06-08
The reason why the imported triangle belt loses its effect is that the transmission slips. When the tension of the V-belt does not meet the requirements, the loose V-belt slips in the groove of the pulley, and the resulting friction will heat the belt and accelerate its two sides to become smooth; and the smooth surface makes the friction coefficient decrease, resulting in It is easier to slip and form a vicious circle. In addition, oil stains in the pulley groove will cause the drive to slip. Cracks in the rubber layer. The cause of cracks is first of all natural failure. The V-belt will crack after a period of operation on the small pulley. The reason is that the bottom rubber is continuously squeezed to generate large stresses and reach the point of rupture. Early relatively small irregular cracks usually indicate that the belt has become hard, most likely due to high temperature. In addition, the alternating load during operation is also the cause of fatigue cracks in the rubber layer. The rubber layer comes off. The reason for the rubber layer falling off is that after the crack deepens to the position of the tensile line, the whole rubber layer peels off. As a result, the transmission is unstable, and the V-belt jumps during operation, further accelerating the cracking of the entire rubber layer. Jagged marks appear on the side of the belt. The possible causes of saw marks or pits on the belt side are: first, there are foreign objects in the wheel groove of the pulley; second, the surface of the groove of the imported triangle belt pulley is rough; and third, mechanical damage is caused when the V belt is installed. Layered. V-belt delamination refers to the debonding of the rubber layer from the cord or canvas, which may be caused by engine oil leakage. The oil will weaken the adhesion of the rubber compound, resulting in a decrease in the adhesion between the rubber, thread or canvas. Under the action of alternating load and vibration, it will eventually accelerate the separation between the rubber, thread or canvas due to slippage .
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