Analysis of the cause of the pattern along the

by:Uliflex     2020-05-31
Essentially, the pattern of the conveyor belt should be a widening phenomenon that occurs in the weft direction of the core cloth layer under the action of vulcanization pressure. There are many reasons and related factors. First of all, the conveyor belt smooth pattern occurs on certain NN and EP plain weave fabrics. Comparing the basic properties of different cored fabrics, it is not difficult to find that NN and EP fabrics have the characteristics of excessive weft elongation, and their elongation at break in weft direction is more than 4 times that of cotton and vinylon fabrics; second, vulcanization with conveyor belts When the horn is close to the belt blank, the belt core is squeezed; third, it is related to the conveyor belt vulcanization equipment. If the surface of the flat plate is partially uneven, the smooth grain will be generated at the defect; fourth, the smooth belt of the pattern conveyor belt and the blank Molding quality is related. If there is a hole in the cover rubber, the cloth layer will form a partial straight grain along with the flow of the rubber. Fifth, it is related to the amount of pre-stretching during vulcanization. In addition, it is believed to be caused by excessive thermal shrinkage of the fabric. In short, there are many opinions about the causes of patterned belts along the lines.
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