Any discount for large order custom timing belt ?
By buying custom timing belt in big amounts, you will get a much better price than exhibited on our site. In the event the costs for bulk volume or wholesale purchases aren't listed on the website, please contact our customer Support to get an easy and easy discount petition.

Foshan Uliflex Transmission Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise specializing in the production and provision of comprehensive services. Uliflex Transmission's timing belt series include multiple types. As an electronic and optic device, it is not only carefully developed with high-performance optical properties such as color temperature, power consumption, and brightness, but also electrical properties such as electric leakage protection and electric shock protection. There is virtually no elongation (stretching) due to wear when using this product. The product has been showing its great market potential since it was launched. It has been exported to 50+ countries including the UK and Germany.

Uliflex Transmission takes a leading position in domestic round drive belt design and technical support.
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