Application of industrial belt in labeling machine

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
Imported industrial belts are used in labeling machine equipment. Specifically, PU timing belts generally use specifications such as 1100H, blue cloth sponge belt specifications are 890*140 plus an anti-deflection strip on the back, and PVC conveyor belts 2445*23*2.0 are used for lining belts. Synchronous wheel XL type 24 teeth and 48 teeth, H type 20 and, PU timing belt and PVC conveyor belt also have imported brand belts, sponge wheels and rubber rollers, soft sponge wheels and high elastic sponge wheels, part of the back of the timing belt of the labeling machine Add blue cloth sponge belt,

Jingwei has been in the packaging equipment industry for eight years and is very familiar with every imported industrial belt, and every industrial belt knows where to use the labeling machine. Jingwei can definitely do what you want.
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