Application of synchronous belt should pay attention to the installation of the elastic medium

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Whether the quality of the synchronous belt is not good enough, or there is something wrong with the installation and use of the time there will be a bad performance. And once the device using the poor performance, the running effect of the whole equipment will not good, this device can achieve performance in application, especially the function will not perform well. So remind everybody attention, on the application of the device, not only to optimize selection, also should pay attention to install the elastic medium. About install synchronous belt elastic medium, not only need attention in the start when installation, pay attention to control good tightness, don't install it too loose, also do not install too tight. Also remind everyone pay attention to in the tape drive belt use after a period of time will loose, in the practical work, so for the looseness is not necessary to calculate. Can pass on the belt (under stationary state Installed on the pulley) , by hand press tension side, to test the devices looseness is appropriate. Generally such operations, the belt sinking within 20 mm to 30 mm means firmness is normal, if beyond this range, usually means that there are too loose or too tight. Other requirements you install it in application of synchronous belt elastic medium, also need to know now is generally use automatic tensioning device and manual tension device to adjust the firmness of the belt, so the looseness of device is not a good start to install control, note also often check in the subsequent use.
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