Attention and failure reason of high temperature

by:Uliflex     2020-06-14
The following points should also be noted when installing high-temperature timing belts: 1. Make the pulley really aligned, the axis is completely parallel, the pulley teeth must be at right angles to the running direction of the timing belt. 2. Do not use tools to pry the synchronous belt into the pulley, so as not to damage the tensile layer. 3. Be sure to fix the pulley bearing to avoid vibration from the center distance. 4. Do not store the synchronous belt in an abnormally bent state for a long time, and keep it in a cool place. Reasons for high temperature synchronous belt failure: ? ① Fatigue fracture of the belt; ② Shearing and crushing with teeth; ③ The belt side and teeth are worn and the cloth is stripped; ④ Elongation of bearing layer, increase of pitch, interference of tooth formation, tooth climbing; ⑤ Impact and overload break the belt.
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