Attention to the installation of double-sided

by:Uliflex     2020-06-09
1. The moving motor makes the double-sided tooth timing belt corrupt enough to remove the belt easily. Never use equipment to pry the belt. 2. Remove the old double-sided tooth synchronous belt and search for any wear. Too much wear and tear may mean that there is a problem in the planning or maintenance of the transmission. 3. Choose a matching belt instead. 4. Clean belt and pulley: Wipe the cloth with a little non-volatile liquid. Do not soak in the cleaning agent or use the cleaning agent to scrub the belt. Do not use abrasive paper to wipe the belt. The belt must be kept dry before installation. 5. Search the belt pulley for cracks or wear. The simpler step is to use the gate wheel groove gauge to search. If the wear is excessive, the pulley must be replaced. 6. Search whether the pulleys are on the same plane. 7. Search other transmission components, such as bearing symmetry, durability and lubrication environment. 8. For transmission devices that use multiple belts, all belts must be replaced at once. If only one belt is changed on multiple belt drives, the newly replaced double-sided toothed belt may fit tightly, but the remaining old belts will be too loose. Most of the power may only be taken seriously by this new belt, resulting in new The belt broke prematurely.
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