Auto synchronous belt price is affected by the factors such as raw materials

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
A lot of people in choosing a car synchronous belt would focus on the belt price, about price actually is not so easy to determine, because we need to know the price is affected by many factors, especially the production of synchronous belt material is different, the price also is different. Synchronous belt price about cars, such as car belt made of neoprene material, including the timing belt and fan belt. Because the belt belongs to the rubber parts, with the increase of engine working time, timing belt and timing belt accessories, such as timing belt tension wheel, timing belt tensioner and pumps will wear or aging. So that anyone who is equipped with the engine timing belt, manufacturers will have strict requirements, within the prescribed period change regularly, timing belt and accessories replacement cycle, as the engine varies according to the structure of the auto synchronization with different price, if do with hydrogenated nitrile rubber instead of neoprene rubber trend, Europe produced cars of HNBR is used in great quantities in the synchronous belt has now begun. At present most of the new engine assembly made by HNBR rubber belt, synchronous belt adopts HNBR production than the prices in CR, as users of automobile assembly requirements provided by the belt cannot raise due to the replacement of materials.
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