Basic status and position of my country's industrial

by:Uliflex     2020-07-07
   my country is the world's largest industrial belt production and consumption country, and there are hundreds of industrial belt production enterprises with a certain scale in the country. It is roughly estimated that the annual consumption of rubber (including resin) for industrial belt products nationwide in 2004 was about 100,000 tons, accounting for about one-third of the world's industrial belt rubber consumption and about 2.5% of the national rubber product rubber consumption. According to the rough statistics of the industry, the annual production capacity of the national conveyor belt is about 250 million m2, and the annual production capacity of the V belt is more than 1 billion Am, ranking among the top in the world. According to statistics from relevant departments, the output of conveyor belts nationwide from 2001 to 2004 was 7246, 7237.52, 8876.21, and 100 million m2, respectively, and the output of V-belts was 63700, 65410.45, 76341.2, and 88 million Am, respectively. It is estimated that in 2004, the total production value of industrial belt products in China was about 6 billion yuan, accounting for about 4% of the total value of national rubber products.   According to customs statistics, the export delivery value of industrial belt products nationwide from 2001 to 2004 was 6300, 6256, 8635, and 127.2 million USD, and the imports were 6011, 6200, 10415, and 111.6 million USD, respectively. It can be seen that the export delivery value of my country's industrial belt products in 2004 has a greater increase than in 2003, but it is still basically the same as imports. In general, my country's industrial belt products are self-sufficient, and some are exported, with excess production capacity; Since the reform and opening up, China's industrial belt industry has continuously expanded its foreign cooperation and actively introduced foreign capital. It has successively established a number of joint ventures or wholly-owned enterprises, such as the United States GATES and the Japanese subsidiary UNITTA Company established Gates Yunita Transmission System (Suzhou) in Suzhou, China. Since its establishment (previously, a joint venture between Danish ROLUNDS and Shanghai Adhesive established Shanghai Lorenz Rubber Products Co., Ltd., which was merged into Contitech in 2009), there have been Germany Contitech (Contitech), Japan Bando (Bando), and Mitsuboshi ), Germany Optibelt (Optibelt) and Korea Dongyi (Dongil) etc. set up factories in China. These enterprises have a certain influence in the industry due to capital and technical advantages, generally better technical equipment, and higher product quality.
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