Belt drive characteristics

by:Uliflex     2021-04-03
First, let's talk about the advantages of the lower belt drive:
It has a wide range of center distance changes, suitable for relatively long-distance transmission, stable operation and low noise, simple structure and low cost.

1) Overload protection

2) Has a buffer and vibration absorption effect
3) Smooth operation and no noise
4) Suitable for long-distance transmission
5) The manufacturing and installation accuracy requirements are not high

Secondly, let's talk about the disadvantages:

There will be sliding during transmission, the gear ratio will become inaccurate, the overall size will be large, the life of the belt will be shorter, it is not suitable for flammable and explosive occasions, the force on the shaft and the bearing is large, and the transmission efficiency is relatively low.

1) Elastic sliding makes the transmission ratio i not constant

2) Larger tension force (compared to meshing transmission) higher pressure on the shaft
3) The structure size is large and not compact
4) It will slip and the belt life will be shorter
5) There will be friction discharge between the belt and the pulley, which is not suitable for high temperature, flammable, and explosive occasions.
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