Belt type synchronous belt conveyor ten aspects of content

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Belt type synchronous belt conveyor general repair form is how to check? Often in a state of operation of belt type synchronous belt conveyor needs to have at least 2 - every day The concentration of 4 h maintenance time, usually need to which aspects for inspection and maintenance? Detailed content is as follows: 1, check the operation of the synchronous belt in any exception, have card, such as grinding, partial abnormal condition, but also see the synchronous belt joint is flat. 2, up and down roller is complete, turn up did not flexible. 3, conveyor all parts are complete, whether the bolt fastening and reliable. 4, check the reducer, coupling, the temperature of the motor and roller any exception, have produced very strange sound. 5, reducer, and hydraulic coupler have leakage, oil level have the exception. 6, synchronous belt tension setting is in good condition. 7, the position of the workings of the sweeper is normal. 8, test, check the security Settings. 9, detecting view the related electrical equipment is in good condition. 10, carefully fill in the daily inspection records. If you examine when told by several ways above, users need to arrange inspection immediately repair, as soon as possible to deal with failure. Check on the every link of the machine is can't be ignored.
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