Cause analysis and countermeasures of double-sided

by:Uliflex     2020-06-08
1. Reasons for fragility 1. The material of the double-sided toothed timing belt is not tough enough to break easily with a little injury-choose a material with better toughness. 2. The faster rotation speed and shifting speed cause the synchronous belt to bear a large force-adjust the rotation speed and shifting speed appropriately. 3. Long-term use of material aging-the timing belt should be replaced regularly in a planned manner. 4. The synchronous belt is too long or too short / the load is large-try to regularly check the shutdown and include it in the necessary inspection items. Second, the reason for easy shedding 1. The double-sided tooth timing belt is too long and the length of the two leather timing belts varies. 2. The tension spring tension on the tension wheel is not enough. 3. The large synchronous belt guide wheel is not horizontal, which causes the synchronous belt to receive downward force. 4. The long-term running synchronous belt becomes longer. 3. Countermeasures: 1. Choose the proper length of the leather timing belt and the same two timings (specifications / brands). 2. It is necessary to adjust / replace the tension spring. 3. Adjust the level of the synchronous belt guide wheel. 4. After the long-term operation becomes longer, cut and reconnect the timing belt (not suitable for rubber timing belt).
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