Cause analysis of rubber timing belt failure

by:Uliflex     2020-06-03
First, let me talk about the reasons for the early breakage of the rubber timing belt: this may generally be due to excessive load or the passive wheel stalled due to an accident, which greatly increased its load force, and the timing belt is too small, causing the timing belt to bend forcefully Cause. There is also a phenomenon that causes the rubber of the rubber timing belt to wear and crack: the misalignment of the outer tension wheel and the timing belt hit the mechanical frame during the transmission process or it is caused by a long-term low temperature state. The reason for the excessive noise during the work process: generally the tension of the synchronous belt is too large, the parallel misalignment of the two axes, the width of the synchronous belt is larger than the diameter of the synchronous belt wheel. Of course, if the load is too large and the timing belt wheel meshes badly, it will cause noise problems during work.
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