Causes and solutions of slippage of conveyor belt

by:Uliflex     2020-07-07
 1 When the conveyor belt is used, a longer tensioning stroke is required. When the stroke is insufficient, it can be revulcanized or the tensioning stroke can be increased to solve.  The deviation of the conveyor belt is the most common fault of the belt conveyor. Its timely and accurate treatment is the guarantee of its safe and stable operation. There are many phenomena and causes of deviations, and it is necessary to adopt different adjustment methods according to different deviations and reasons to effectively solve the problem. This article is based on many years of field practice, from the perspective of users, using mechanical principles to analyze and explain the causes and treatment methods of such failures. 1. The verticality error between the installation position of the bearing roller group and the center line of the conveyor is large, which causes the conveyor belt to deviate in the load section. The industrial conveyor belt runs forward to give the roller a forward traction force. This traction force decomposes In order to make the component of the roller rotate and a lateral component, this lateral component causes the roller to move axially. Since the fixed roller of the roller carrier cannot move axially, it will inevitably produce a The reaction force causes it to move the rubber band to the other side, which causes deviation.    2 The slippage of the conveyor belt of the heavy-weight tensioning belt conveyor uses the heavy-weight tensioning device to solve the problem when the belt is slipping, until the belt does not slip. But should not add too much, so as not to make the belt bear unnecessary excessive tension and reduce the service life of the belt.   3 Slip of spiral tensioning or hydraulic tensioning conveyor conveyor When the belt conveyor using spiral tensioning or hydraulic tensioning slips, the tensioning stroke can be adjusted to increase the tensioning force. However, sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough, and the conveyor belt is permanently deformed. At this time, the belt can be cut off for re-vulcanization.
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