Characteristics and industry application of PU
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Characteristics and industry application of PU

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Hello everyone, I am Mingcheng Transmission. In our impression, PU conveyor belts are relatively thin products, and the relative scope of application is mostly those with relatively high requirements such as the food industry and the tobacco industry. In today's industrial production, the application of ultra-thick PU cutting resistant conveyor belts is increasing. Today I will give a brief explanation on the characteristics and applications of the ultra-thick PU cutting resistant conveyor belt.

Features of Pu cut resistant conveyor belt:

1. Excellent cutting resistance and wear resistance;

2. Excellent impact resistance;

3. Excellent oil resistance;

PU conveyor belt has high hardness, surface hardness can reach 85-90, surface PU layer is thick, 2-3 layers of tension cloth layer. Such physical characteristics and structural characteristics are destined to cut resistance and wear resistance of PU conveyor belts. There is also the chemical properties of PU itself, so that the pu cut-resistant conveyor belt has good oil resistance.

Combining the characteristics of the above pu cutting resistant conveyor belt, we are more inclined to use it in some large transportation, oil resistant, and cutting resistant environments in industrial applications. We have made some conclusions for this industry.

1. Cutting machine industry

Cutting machine conveyor belt

The cutting machine industry just makes use of the cutting resistance of PU cutting resistant conveyor belts.

2. The steel industry

Steel plate conveyor belt

The steel industry just makes use of the impact resistance and oil resistance of PU cutting-resistant conveyor belts.

3. Large volume of food transportation

The food industry just takes advantage of the oil resistance of the PU cutting-resistant conveyor belt and the high tensile force of the conveyor belt.

4. Conveying of sharp materials

The transportation of sharp materials in the glass industry uses the cutting-resistant and impact-resistant ability of PU cutting-resistant conveyor belts.

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