Common knowledge about the purchase of transmission

by:Uliflex     2020-07-06
  Precautions for the common sense of the purchase of the transmission belt: the surface is clean, the belt is not twisted and deformed, and the teeth are full; to prevent fake products, check whether the product has a clear Huayu logo. ・Problems and precautions for use:-Do not twist or bend to prevent the inner belt from being injured, resulting in insufficient strength. - It is strictly forbidden to scratch the belt to avoid early damage to the belt. -Avoid contact with chemicals (especially strong oxidizing acids, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.). -Try to avoid long-term contact with oils and water. Precautions for maintenance and replacement: When replacing the timing belt, the tension of the belt must be minimized before it can be taken out. It is strictly forbidden to pry it down with non-professional tools under high tension. Common knowledge of multi-ribbed belt products・Notes for purchase: select belts with appropriate specifications/wedge numbers according to pulley diameter and wedge groove.   Product use problems and precautions:    Wedge damage occurred during product use   1 A pulley with a qualified arc radius/roughness that meets the requirements should be selected to prevent the pulley from rusting.   2 The ambient temperature may be too high, so the cooling method should be improved   3 Do not allow solvents or other chemicals on the wedge   4 Improper selection of pulley diameter and belt specifications   The reasons for slippage in the use of transmission belt products are:   1 The belt tension may be too small, the belt tension should be increased appropriately    2 The belt may be stained with oil or water during use, and should be removed or dried in time   3 The wrap angle may be too small. Change the position of the pulley on the back to increase the wrap angle   Noise in the use of transmission belt products:   1 Foreign objects may be embedded in the wedge groove, check if the protective cover is set for the belt   2 Check if the pulley is skewed, the pulley must be adjusted to ensure alignment   3 It may be caused by skidding, adopt the processing method when the base with skid is used   Precautions for maintenance and replacement: For your own safety, please disconnect the battery when replacing the belt to prevent the fan blade from rotating unexpectedly when your hand is in the engine room. Before removing the old drive belt, first check the alignment of the drive wheel. If the drive shaft is not parallel, or the transmission wheel deviates from the axis position, the drive device will wear the transmission belt and make it scrapped in advance. The deflection forces the transmission belt to twist or entangle during operation, thereby applying an uneven tension on the tension line. In the worst case where the adjustment is not accurate, the belt may fall off the transmission wheel. The inaccurate adjustment can be checked at right angles. If there is a gap between the surface of the transmission wheel and the right angle, it indicates that the axis is not parallel. Once the axis is not parallel, you must adjust or replace the failed transmission wheel, transmission wheel bracket or shaft. - The complexity of replacement and installation depends on the structure of the car. The installer can usually find the required information in the path map on or near the engine.
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