Common knowledge problem of high temperature resistant

by:Uliflex     2020-05-26
Good maintenance of high temperature resistant conveyor belt can extend the service life. It is generally required that the conveyor be started empty to avoid motor overload and slippage of the conveyor belt; before shutdown, all materials on the high temperature resistant conveyor belt should be unloaded except for special circumstances. For multi-machine transfer conveyor, the startup sequence is to open the last conveyor (unloading conveyor belt) first, then forward in order, and finally open the receiving conveyor. The shutdown sequence is reverse to the startup sequence. The tension of the high temperature resistant conveyor belt in use should not be too large. It should be guaranteed to work at the minimum initial tension on the premise of no slippage with the transmission gear and no excessive sag at the receiving point; different types should not be used in the same machine , Conveyor belts of different specifications are connected together for use. High temperature resistant conveyor belts should be repaired in time when local damage occurs, so as not to continue to expand the damage.
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