Components and market applications of high-temperature

by:Uliflex     2020-06-12
The synchronous belt pulley is divided into two components, which are a synchronous belt and a synchronous pulley. As the name suggests, the synchronous belt pulley is composed of a conveyor belt and a toothed pulley. As long as the timing belt and the timing wheel are used at the same time to develop the effect, it is useless alone. Although it is the interconnection between them, the cogging between them must be corresponding. If they are not fully calculated, deviations will occur, so it is very important in production and installation, especially when it is produced. They need to be connected to each other. Among them, the pitch, tooth height, and belt thickness must be measured, and the manufacturing needs to be accurate. The pace of the installation is also critical. Other considerations: For example, the frame with non-parallel axis and supporting pulley needs to meet the necessary rigidity. Because the use of the synchronous pulley is very wide, you must be careful when manufacturing and installing it. Ordinary special processing will be replaced by a fully automatic production line. Many parts, including timing belts, have been transferred abroad, and many countries have already achieved the automation goal, especially the production of robots in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has been completely automated. Among the automation equipment, the most widely used is the synchronous belt, not only the mechanical equipment, but also widely used in the automotive industry. High-quality timing belts not only reduce energy consumption, but also ensure strength and longevity.
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