Concerning the installation of conveyor chain board

by:Uliflex     2020-06-05
When using conveyor chain plates, how should we install conveyor chain plates? Let me briefly talk to you below: First, we first determine the center line of the head and tail wheels. Secondly, determine the horizontal plane of the head and tail wheel group. (Note: In this place, generally find the level through the embedded plate of the base) and then plug the oblique iron or gasket to ensure that the level of the head and tail wheel groups is within 1-2mm. Again, install the middle bracket to ensure that it is on a horizontal line. Before welding between the bracket and the embedded plate of the bracket (note: ensure horizontal and vertical), continuous welding is required, and then install the rail. During the installation of the rail, ensure that the rail and the head and tail sprockets Of the connection arc to avoid poor connection between the chain and the sprocket teeth. Finally, the installation of the remaining chain plates and rollers is very simple. The main reason is the alignment just started. The horizontal and vertical determinations should be as accurate as possible. If the deviation is too large, you must re-find it. The above is the simple installation method of conveyor chain board.
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