Conveyor belt adhesion of several factors

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Because the belt will be affected by many factors in the operation process and running deviation phenomenon, in order to ensure the service life of the joints, not tear the interface when belt running deviation, can take, 一) The method shown in solution. That is according to the running direction of the belt, will be made/convex 0 mouth shape.

the steps of production interfaces to the steps of production is the key to cutting. After calculation, measurement, marking, can remove the unwanted layer rubber and cloth. Knife under operation, the size of the force, the depth of the drag must be strictly controlled. If drag too deep, you will hurt and keep some cloth layer and local fracture later in here; The opposite is difficult to remove the excess part of the rubber and cloth layer.

so, this is the key technology of the bonding process, must by experienced people to or on-site command. Tear after the joint surface polishing steps, early on, to modify don't match the parts processing, then should work for joint surface grinding. Grinding is the purpose of the layer on the cloth adhesion of rubber and sum grinding cloth layer of hair at the same time, in order to receive increased cloth layer roughness, increase the bonding area, mention

the effect of the high bonding strength. Carry out a proof, under certain conditions, the bonding strength will be improved with the increase of roughness.

but from microscopic perspective, if the bonding surface roughness is too large, produce convex concave phenomenon, can cause joint surface contact undesirable, forming defects, bring down the bonding strength. Especially for illiquid adhesive, the influence is more significant. Grinding, therefore, should not only remains on the layers of rubber wear off, will play wool cloth layer, and can't grinding cloth layer, otherwise affect the bonding effect. At the same time, also hidden dangers of local fracture belt joint can be formed.

in addition, to keep the bonding surface clean, prevent contamination before bonding. Selection of adhesive and glue adhesive for barrel, commonly mixed with the hardener stir after all should be paste. Experience that is used to to dilute some of conveyor belt joint adhesive as well. Rubber thickness and shear strength diagram because of thin coating is not easy to produce flow and creep, were less likely to generate bubbles and defect, the internal stress on the interface will be smaller. Therefore, to improve the interface of sticky relay is beneficial. But when sub too thin are easy to form lack of adhesive, coating of discontinuity, can also lower the bonding strength. So, when the coated adhesive, should be in guarantee under the premise of no shortage of rubber, coating thickness as thin as possible as well.

when interface bonding determine the timing of the two parts on lap, will directly influence the effect of the adhesive. Daub is required after the adhesive with non-stick hand can only carry on lap, too early or too late will also cause the lower quality of adhesive. If in the summer, after the 1 glue joint air buy time is too long, the adhesive contains solvent evaporating faster, shorter form the curing process. Therefore, to take the time to complete the operation. Low winter temperatures, adhesive coating solvent volatilization of slower, drying time can be appropriately extended, auxiliary heating and promote its volatile when necessary, to speed up the work progress. Lap joint operation accurate lap, make sure the belt at the ends of the center line on the same straight line, and good agreement each steps, avoid because of dislocation and jie, again and again. Best after lap joint, with a hammer from the beginning of the center line, in order to knock on both sides. * * * will use two pieces of flat plate joint face holding it, and bolts, wait for after adhesive curing loose, the effect of this adhesive is better.

the complimentary transportation belt bonding operation difficulty is big, strong technical, must according to different conditions to choose the appropriate interface shape, reasonably determine the lap length, with high performance, high strength adhesive, through scientific and meticulous operation, can get ideal result.
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