Conveyor chain board inspection before use

by:Uliflex     2020-06-10
The accuracy of the chain length of the conveyor chain should be measured according to the following requirements 1. The chain is cleaned before measurement 2. Surround the tested chain on the two sprockets, and the upper and lower sides of the tested chain should be supported 3. The chain before measurement should stay for 1min under the state of three-thirds minimum tensile load 4. During the measurement, apply the specified measurement load on the chain to make the upper and lower chains tension. The chain should be on the sprocket to ensure normal tooth engagement 5. Measure the center distance of two sprockets Measuring the elongation of conveyor chain: 1. In order to remove the play of the entire conveyor chain chain, a certain degree of pulling tension should be applied to the chain to measure 2. During the measurement, in order to minimize the error, measure at the place of section 6-10 (link) 3. Measure the size of the inner L1 and outer L2 between the rollers of the number of nodes to obtain the judgment size L = (L1 + L2) / 2 4. Find the elongation length of the chain, this value and the chain extension of the preceding item Contrast with long use limits Chain elongation = judgment size-reference length / reference length * 100% Reference length = chain pitch * number of nodes
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