Core structure and characteristics of imported

by:Uliflex     2020-05-20
Most of the belt cores of imported triangle belts use cord rope belt cores, and a few of them use cord belt cores. Since these two types of belt core structures are fiber twisted or knitted, the fibers shear each other during the operation of the V-belt inlet V-belt, which causes the belt core to gradually break and elongate. Therefore, ordinary V-belts produced with cord and cord cord cores can only be used in low-load transmission systems. The belt core of special imported triangle belt with core adopts polymer polyester tempered brown silk overall solid rod-shaped belt core structure. Because the polyester tempered brown yarn is an overall solid core without twisting structure, it has good adhesion, flex resistance, high strength, and no running length. Not only has the service life of the rubber transmission belt been greatly improved, but also the life of the belt body is balanced. Maintenance-free and regularly replaced.
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