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by:Uliflex     2020-06-09
Imported V-belts are divided into O, A, B, C, D and E models according to width and thickness. The key to distinguishing which model is thickness and width. Different models will be used with corresponding wheels. The thickness and width determine the amount of power that can be withstood. There is no relationship between the thickness and the length, and the distance of the wheel is adjusted according to the needs of the machine, thereby determining the length. The imported triangle has two kinds of special core structure and rope core structure, which are composed of four parts: wrapping cloth, top glue, tensile body and bottom glue. The V-belt of the rope core structure is easy to manufacture, the tensile strength is average, the price is low, and it is widely used. The V-belt of the special core structure has good toughness and high strength, and is suitable for occasions with high speeds. Before installation, first check whether the driving wheel, passive wheel and tension wheel are on a flat surface. Generally speaking, when the center distance between the two wheels is less than 1 meter, the allowable deviation is 2-3 mm, and when the center distance is greater than 1 meter, the allowable deviation is 3-4 mm. If the deviation is too large, it should be adjusted to meet the requirements before installation and tensioning. When loading and unloading, the tensioning wheel should be loosened first, or the endless disk of one end of the infinitely variable speed should be removed first, and the belt should be installed or removed. When the new V-belt is too tight to be loaded and unloaded, you should first remove a wheel, and then install or remove the V-belt before installing the wheel. Generally, the V-belt of the joint group should be unloaded after removing the pulley. Tension. The tension of the transmission belt is adjusted by the tension wheel. Over-tightening will cause serious wear, and too loose will easily cause slipping, which will cause the triangle belt to wear or even burn out. Generally, when the two wheelbases are about 1 meter, use your finger to press the middle of the imported triangle belt, and it should drop vertically by 10-20 mm. The tension of the triangle belt should be checked during use and adjusted at any time. Replacement. The V-belt should be replaced in time after it becomes effective. If multiple V-belts are used in combination, if one or part of them is in effect, the others should be replaced at the same time. The old and new belts cannot be used together.
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