Discussion on Imported Industrial Belt Baffle

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
The imported industrial belt baffle, as its name implies, is to block the product, prevent the product from falling off the conveying machinery, and effectively protect the product. The application industry is relatively wide.

For example: food elevators, logistics climbing equipment, injection molding machine elevators and other conveying machinery that need to be upgraded. Industrial belt baffle materials include PVC, PU, rubber, etc.

The color of imported industrial belt baffle is white, green, black, etc.,

Imported industrial belt scraper style: PVC baffle has a base, PU has no base or is relatively small, special PVC baffle can also be processed with PVC industrial belts.

Imported industrial belt baffle specifications: vertical height 10~120mm, inclined baffle height 50~80mm, PU height 20~120mm

Turning diameter: 30~300mm,

Bonding method: plastic gun, high frequency machine, etc.
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