Does Uliflex Transmission have agents in foreign countries?
At present, Foshan Uliflex Transmission Technology Co., Ltd requires agents who work overseas. We believe that brokers can help promote and increase the popularity of our rubber belt . Due to the imperfect sales system in foreign markets, we are still striving to achieve this great goal. As overseas business continues to expand, we urgently need to find reliable agents to assist us.

Uliflex Transmission is an enterprise specializing in the production and provision of comprehensive services. Uliflex Transmission's industrial belt series include multiple types. As an electronic and optic device, it is not only carefully developed with high-performance optical properties such as color temperature, power consumption, and brightness, but also electrical properties such as electric leakage protection and electric shock protection. It does not require high tension, so bearing loads are minimized, resulting in longer bearing and motor life. The product plays a vital role in industrial applications. It can be used over a wide temperature range.

Over the years, Uliflex Transmission has improved credibility, customer satisfaction, and revenue.
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