Does Uliflex Transmission provide EXW for polyurethane belt ?
Yes, Foshan Uliflex Transmission Technology Co., Ltd provide EXW for polyurethane belt to meet customer requirements in terms of shipment supplier selections. Some experienced customers will prefer to conduct a transaction with us adopting EXW term. It refers to the trading in which product suppliers fulfill the tasks of manufacturing, quality control, packing while purchasers pick up the goods with shipment expenses charged by themselves. In such cases, the purchasers should have abundant knowledge about the delivery system as well as the responsibilities and duties they bear incurred during the shipment.

Through continuous innovation, Uliflex Transmission has become an advanced enterprise in the field of factory conveyor belt. Uliflex Transmission's industrial belt series include multiple types. industrial belt is manufactured based on high-quality raw materials. It is soft in texture and comfortable in touch feeling. Moreover, it is easy to clean and is favored by consumers. The product has a low harmonic rate. The product is produced according to the international index on Electro-Magnetic Interference(EMI), and it has low electric energy losses to the electric supply line and zero pollution to the power grid. There is virtually no elongation (stretching) due to wear when using this product.

Uliflex Transmission has QC department which is responsible for accessories material inspection.
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