Drive industry globalization, common discussion synchronous belt wheel development at home and abroad

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
After years of transmission industry development, synchronous pulley and synchronous belt are ubiquitous in all walks of life, the transmission industry in China has been increasingly mature, at the same time to drive industry related products such as the requirements of synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel is also more and more, in the related technical personnel are discussed under found many problems and the insufficiency, needs to be conducted on concept of new planning and calculation. Believe that foreign professionals are also studying the technical problems in the industry. So if you want to promote the development of new transmission industry theoretically, generally need to consider several aspects: ( 1) Synchronous belt transmission design calculation. The calculation of transmission data is to choose the synchronous belt and pulley parameter structure basis, under the influence of product specifications and standards at home and abroad. 1981 international about belt tensile strength calculation method for later has not changed over the years, now the personnel unanimously found that the disadvantages of this algorithm, the domestic and foreign scholars in the study with great concentration fell swoop this algorithm problem, put forward a series of wear resistance, shear strength problem such as transmission efficiency of the algorithm. ( 2) Synchronous belt transmission characteristics research. The aspect of comparative discussion topics, a Japanese scholar from tension, cyclotron transmission error, analyzes the transmission characteristics of skip phenomenon, also published many papers. ( 3) Synchronous belt of vibration and noise. About vibration and noise has been the professionals at home and abroad have always wanted to improve two aspects. Have Japan and the Soviet union scholars published papers about vibration and noise of the reasons, discusses the method of reducing vibration and noise. About synchronous belt and pulley research in recent years the development of the Chinese and foreign professionals has never stopped the research, believe in the near future, there will be a breakthrough leap transmission technology all over the world.
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