Due to technological advances, the old step with skeleton materials already doesn't satisfy the need of existing

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Long ago made in pu synchronous belt, skeleton material is usually use copper coated steel wire, because this is widely used in tires, rubber hose, the strength of the frame material is opposite bigger, but with steel wire as skeleton material made of synchronous belt noticed a large, its elongation after using synchronous belt pitch elongation, cause and pulley mesh result is bad, lead to skip, let the tape quickly damage. Analysis the cause of this kind of situation, it is because the initial modulus of steel wire is small, tension in the process of operation, wire deformation is big. Another deficiency is the steel wire and rubber bonding effect is not good, easy to be pulled out. Prone to rust in humid environment, easy and rubber debonding. Steel wire is not symmetrical and distortion also often causes deformation or running wide tape happens. These reasons will be faster the damage of the synchronous belt. Because has not made of steel skeleton materials can be compatible with the use of synchronous belt, then slowly to find new skeleton material, due to the progress of industrial technology, fiber glass production process of wire drawing, twisting and post-treatment, create the better performance of glass fiber cord, its resistance to tensile strength, modulus, good heat resistance, good size stability, small elongation, more easily than steel wire and rubber adhesive, etc. Compared with steel wire synchronous belt, glass fiber rope may operate in any climate, will not rust in humid environment. Anti-bending of in order to ascend and and adhesion properties of the rubber, butadiene, styrene, butadiene pyridine ternary copolymer latex or synthetic rubber latex and the blend of the glass fiber rope impregnation. Using glass fiber rope made of synchronous belt almost all can conform to the current vehicle and general industrial transmission needs. However, glass fiber rope also has many shortcomings, such as brittleness, no resistance to scratch, is not good for the stability of the impact load, this will often reduce the use of synchronous belt strong sex. Ever also someone with polyester and carbon fiber cord made synchronous belt tensile test material, the results can not be due to the deficiency existing in various applications.
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