Engine oil consumption serious triangle to blame?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Engine oil ( Lubricating oil) Consumption, increase the cost, easy to cause lack of oil, to bearing damage, so, what was the reason for the serious oil consumption, the 859 farm NongJiShou, out its reason, from the practice and be ruled out. Effect is good, diesel engine compression system badly worn, piston assembly error, the body of each joint gasket is damaged, oil casing wall and so on all is the cause of excessive oil consumption. A, when found excessive oil consumption, should first check the body and gear chamber cover, the market on one side of the road wheel, back cover, cover joint whether there is oil leakage, etc. Such as oil leakage, should pay attention to observe whether the connection parts of the seal is complete, to replace damaged seal. If the seal is complete, should pick up each part of the check the connection of the screw is loose. On the loose bolts with the wrench to the provisions of the torsion. If part of the above basic normal, and the oil spill in the rack position, oil casing inspection, inspection area mainly in side of the oil with road wheel shell side of the front end, because of mounting screw loosening, oil road wheel under the triangle drive and protection shell frame Angle cause long-term brush touch, grinding oil casing through forming gap and oil generation. 2, long-term use of formation of the normal wear and tear engine, or improper maintenance of formation of the abnormal wear, all can make diesel engine cylinder liner forming longitudinal pull mark, bore, the piston side clearance beyond the specified value, make the piston ring supporting force decreases, phenomenon appear wiper is not clear. Distortion or because the oil ring of the last spring break in the ring in the open position, the wiper is not net and participate in combustion, cause the oil consumption serious symptom, characterized by diesel engine starting difficulty, exhaust pipe is an obvious blue smoke, respirator injection. Moreover, the side of the piston should be upward, in his assembly with the direction of the horse to form the combustion chamber inverted state, will not affect the starting of diesel engine, but the oil loss will be quite serious, daily oil consumption in 0. 5 kg or so. Three, worn valve guide will burn oil situation, though rare, is a factor not to be sneezed at. This article from tooth triangle triangle original, reproduced please indicate the copyright: http://www. lilainuo。 com
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