Features of Foshan conveyor belt

by:Uliflex     2020-06-15
The three types of industrial belts, industrial transmission belts, automobile transmission belts and Foshan conveyor belts, are used in different places because of their different characteristics. (1) Industrial transmission belt: The transmission belt is mainly used for electromechanical equipment, which is driven by the power generated by the motor. Common precision machinery industries such as home appliances, computers, robots, etc. will be applied to the transmission belt series. (2) Automobile transmission belt: a linking device used to drive the machine on the automobile engine. Mainly include agricultural machine belts, high-speed oil-proof belts, round belts (round belts), flat belts, water tower belts (wide-angle belts), transmission belts, motorcycle transmission belts, V-belts (V belts), parallel belts, and multiple grooves Belts, hexagonal belts, flexible belts, traction belts, automobile belts. (3) Foshan conveyor belt: Among all industrial belts, Foshan conveyor belt is the most widely used and the most familiar one. For example, the factory's production line equipment is the most familiar and understood. As a representative of industrial belts, Foshan conveyor belts have the most abundant materials and markets, and high flexibility is one of his main characteristics. According to the material, it can be divided into cotton canvas conveyor belt, nylon (NN) conveyor belt, polyester (EP) conveyor belt, PVC or PVG.
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