Five advantages of double-sided toothed belt transmission

by:Uliflex     2020-05-22
1. No slip when working, with accurate transmission ratio The double-sided toothed synchronous belt drive is a meshing drive. Although the synchronous belt is an elastomer, the load-bearing rope has the characteristic of not stretching under the action of tension, so it can keep the belt pitch unchanged and make the belt The gear grooves can be correctly meshed to realize synchronous transmission without slip and obtain an accurate transmission ratio. 2. High transmission efficiency and good energy saving effect 98。 Because the synchronous belt for non-slip synchronous transmission, it has higher transmission efficiency, generally up to 0.98. Compared with V-belt drive, it has obvious energy saving effect, which can be proved by the following example. As can be seen from the above examples, synchronous belt transmission has great potential in energy saving, so the use of synchronous belt transmission can obtain higher economic benefits. 3. Large transmission ratio range and compact structure The transmission ratio of the double-sided tooth synchronous belt drive can generally reach about 10, and in the case of a large transmission ratio, its structure is more compact than the triangular belt drive. Because the timing belt drive is a meshing drive, its pulley diameter is much smaller than that of a triangle belt pulley that relies on friction to transmit power. In addition, because the timing belt does not require a large tension, the size of the pulley shaft and bearing can be cut back. Therefore, compared with the V-belt transmission, the synchronous belt transmission has a more compact structure under the same transmission ratio. 4. Convenient maintenance and low operation cost Since the load-bearing rope in the double-sided tooth synchronous belt is made of glass fiber, steel wire and other materials with very low elongation, the mid-length of the belt is very small during operation, and it is not necessary to adjust the tension frequently such as a triangle belt and chain. In addition, the timing belt does not require any lubrication during operation, so maintenance is very convenient, and the operating cost is much lower than that of the V-belt, chain, and gear. 5. Can work normally under harsh environmental conditions Under the harsh working conditions with dust, impurities, water and corrosive media, the chain is prone to rust and wear, and the V-belt will slip, but the synchronous belt drive can adapt to these conditions. Because it is a meshing drive, it will not slip in the presence of rain, and water is a good lubricant for rubber, but it can reduce belt wear. When there are dust and impurities, when the synchronous belt teeth enter the wheel groove, the teeth will squeeze the air originally left in the wheel groove, so that the compressed air is discharged to both sides of the wheel groove. At the same time, it plays the role of cleaning the engagement surface and taking away dust and impurities, thereby reducing the wear of the timing belt. In addition, it has high corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and can still work normally under high temperature and corrosive gas.
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