Flat belt manufacturers: no tooth belt of motor

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
In Uliflex recently appeared in the list of supply a production of the motor end users, but in others it is no good strange, but surprised Uliflex as flat belt manufacturers. The reason is because we are actually not too much contact with the end user to, through the middle dealer more clinch a deal the order, it is also a Uliflex industrial belt has been found that the problem, is the end user are too lazy or what reason. The customer is engaged in the motor manufacturing end users, and the production of products basically by the form of foreign trade export overseas, and be in this Uliflex flat belt manufacturers of procurement is also a R series of flat belt. The flat belt belt carcass tensile strength is big, and after the installation of god to make rate is lower, suitable for long-term use in high speed ratio transmission scenario. And the oil resistance and antistatic performance is also very good, and correspond to the motor manufacturing customers to use, grease and electrostatic also is really a point to consider. Benefit from the R series flat belt industrial rubber layer, the industrial belt is more wear-resisting, and friction coefficient is big, the surface does not fade. At the same time our clients often have been emphasized in the process of consultation, wear-resisting Uliflex industrial belt that wear-resisting is just a relative concept, because the industrial belt of different models was also in response to different production scenarios and appear, and the wear resistance is to add the relative wear resistance, between different composition material belt Uliflex flat belt manufacturers in the recommended product always in line with the appropriate model is a good product concept. And this customer is a rare terminal direct purchase customers, according to the Uliflex flat belt manufacturers past experience, this kind of customers tend to purchase through middlemen, such communication cost and the cost of capital is higher.
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