Food belt conveyor type O with the application

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
By the food industry enterprises as the production materials of different producing areas and use in production operation requirements and equipment research and development, make each production enterprise production environment is also different, so each food belt conveyor accessories design is different.

in order to better adapt to the production operation environment, some can adapt to the environment of high temperature, some wear resistance is stronger, is choose what kind of belt conveyor components, determines what can be in one of the elements of production operation under working conditions.

type O is PU round belt, belt, also called circle is usually choose to use PU material or rubber material to make, but also a kind of rubber is different due to manufacture craft, specifications and performance there is a big change.

O with the surface finish is better, and the bright color and varied. Type O with a smooth, rough surface, color is red, green, PU round belt has a very high softness, anti-bending of its features in addition to, tensile strength, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, also easy to clean, can fast welding, welding joint after the durable, there would be no fracture, release the phenomenon of long. Surface with some rough, but particles uniform and tidy respectively, feel is more soft and comfortable, so the applicable range is relatively wide.

O zone also is beautiful, smooth transmission, low noise, easy to conversion and other characteristics, widely used in food, pharmaceutical, beverage and other light industries. O at the same time with the rough external environment that can use for a long time, when the damping performance is good, but also can not only the mechanical operation of the high intensity, and the material springback rate is high, the size of the circle with stability is good, also has a variety of solvents and ozone, ultraviolet resistant, etc.

O band is caused by the rigid interface genes and can be connected with the flexible space group, is a kind of melt condition with liquid crystal properties of the round belt, has a good mechanical, thermal stability, high elasticity, Gao Yanshen properties and processing properties.

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