Food conveyor line equipment transmission drum design difficulty

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Drive roller design has been a difficulty of food conveyor line manufacturers, combining with the characteristics of industry production of the new type roller, there is no universal design series formation, in addition to the typical cylinder shaft has a mature design, other cylinder parts, especially the stress and deformation of cylinder and the radial plate still has no authority to explain. Transmission of the thickness of the cylinder body, the radial plate according to the calculated bearing parts of the trunnion.

in the actual design process of drive roller, if stress value is too high, we have to constantly modify the structure size of roller, until meet the requirements.

the transmission drum except by the end of input torque, also by the reaction between the input shaft end conveyor belt. Only small food conveyor line belt tension ratio, otherwise there will be a slippage phenomenon. In practice is to point to to force transfer of arc all around the package, is not take full advantage of the situation, so have the so-called wai use the arc Angle. The rest of the round Angle of CAM, CAM circumferential force of a reserve, to overcome the startup of the resistance of the resistance or early estimates, or used to prevent the slippage of the friction coefficient is lower when conveyor belt, etc.

general CAM during food conveyor line and stable operation. If CAM disappeared, there will be big difference, * * * all round Angle transfer of power. This situation is often appear when belt type food conveyor line starting. A conveyor belt in the roller circumference Angle of one hundred and eighty degrees, and at the ends of the conveyor belt tension. This difference effect of torque is equal to the drum shaft torque. In the use of arc, conveyor belt and roller, and the friction between belt tension by gradually increasing. Conveyor belt tension is constant in the CAM, the conveyor belt speed and drum rotational speed is consistent, conveyor belt within the segment between the cylinder and no sliding. Is from one of the endpoints of another transportation endpoint, the conveyor belt tension is constant. In order to better check the strength of the drum, if the drum is running at full capacity, so there is no CAM and the roller conveyor belt tension within the scope of the entire circumference Angle there is friction, the structure of the roller bearing has been to, don't appear concentrated load.

food conveyor line transmission drum * * * big displacement coordinate point, that is in the center of the drum shell parts close to drive the roller outer surface, * * * big value is zero point zero six mm. Stress mainly concentrated in the shaft of the transmission roller and bearing contact, expansion sleeve shaft shoulders with wheel hub, wheel hub and spoke plates joint and roller surface. * * * big equivalent stress on the point, namely the shaft and bearing the inside connection, the equivalent stress, * * * * * * according to the strength theory of rice of the equivalent stress, the material allowable stress, the drive roller shaft and conditioning treatment using 45 # steel, obviously, the driving drum shaft conform to the requirements of the strength, the transmission roller can also meet the strength requirement.

but the strength margin is bigger, and the deformation is small, therefore, safety coefficient is larger, should optimize modified, in order to achieve both satisfy the strength requirement and the purpose of saving material. Although * * * big stress does not appear on the drum shell, but because the area of weld, the weld quality directly affects the service life of the roller, so food conveyor line transmission drum manufacturing to meet more strict, reliability and no obvious increase, more can't directly on the roller danger point and its stress state.

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