Guangzhou international industrial automation exhibition grand opening in March 2015

by:Uliflex     2020-11-20
Guangzhou, on January 28, 2015 - as the premier trade platform, industrial automation technology in the industry, the new guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition will again on March 9 to 11, 2015 in guangzhou, China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall. For grand, organizers at a news conference this afternoon, attending guests including Frankfurt exhibition ( Hong Kong) Co. , LTD. , executive director, Mr Du Chenghua through conferences, bright spot for the industry to understand the present session of exhibition and the latest development. Mr Du Chenghua said in meeting the needs of the benefit from China manufacturing industry upgrading transformation and the demand for industrial automation, industrial automation expo effect significantly, over the years scale continues to grow. Total area of the exhibition this year across the four pavilions; Is expected to gather 480 exhibitors, for audiences in control system, sensor technology, software development, technology and drive systems, spare parts, etc. Products. He said: industrial automation expo is Germany SPSIPCDrives idylls electrical automation exhibition in Asia, with Frankfurt exhibition exhibition experience and technology of integrated utilization of resources with other brands, and each partner's effort and support, the exhibition repeated success, internationalization and specialization degree enhances unceasingly. Since 2010, the exhibition successfully for the audience to bring more international brands, and recruitment of the German industry in the expert opinion, held a series of high-end seminars to reveal the development of the industry, to help the industry to understand the international leading technology, promoting the development of industry. In fact, so far, more than 400 brands at home and abroad confirm the 2015 guangzhou fair, including phoenix, figure, electronics, rittal, balluff, Moore, the electrical, appropriate division, pepperl + fuchs, BiFu, road,, swank, bonner and wong chi, etc. In addition, the well-known brand Siemens will appear on the exhibition again, to show to the customers in south China industrial automation and drive technology of innovative products and solutions, and plans to hold customer summit during the show. The audience, the exhibition has attracted more than 80 professional buyers group visit, covering more than 2000 people, including midea, TCL, OPPO, blue moon, plus the stupa, jianlibao, Colgate, lenovo and kohler hutch defends enterprise; Expect a three-day exhibition, to audience of up to 40000 people. Meet the needs of the industry development and purchasing, multiple theme zone as his theme zone for years industrial automation expo is the key factor for success. The exhibition as ever, to set up multiple zones to meet the needs of the industry and audience procurement, including: industrial robots and machine vision zone with the Chinese government support, the current domestic manufacturing is one of the priorities in the different application of industrial robots in production line, especially the pearl river delta region of the robotics industry development is rapid, growth reached 30%, walk in the forefront of the country. In addition, more forward to 2020, the guangzhou municipal government to build at least two industrial robots industrial park, the sheer scale of forming intelligent equipment industry, drive the industry demand. Being set up about 2015 exhibition zone, successfully attracted many Chinese and foreign exhibition leading robot manufacturers, including the nachi, yaskawa shougang, epson robot, guangzhou CNC, anhui's, kawasaki robots and ace, robots, etc. With robot technology is closely related to the field of machine vision, has rafa, denso, kang, sight, gain resistance, high constant billiton, east saso, silver tripod, hammer naco, it, lingyun enterprise confirmation. Sensors and industrial measurement section of this section of the popular, on his return this year, including by Germany, AMA AMACenter pavilion of the society for sensor technology, for the Chinese market to show the latest development of sensor and measuring technology in Europe. Involved in the zone include many international well-known enterprises such as cory, Yi Fu door, autonics, lite, Turkish, hanyoung, who, Wallace, hummel, rocks and MTS. High-end seminars with heavyweight honored guest, share market knowledge and cutting-edge technology held a series of seminars will also be expo 2015, related activities to obtain the support of leading industry association at home and abroad, invited guests including heavyweight, deputy general manager of phoenix electric Du Pin Dr Holy, former German electrical and electronics industry association (ZVEI automation professional association general manager Dr Hu Renhan and tin in Germany university professor palmer cass, etc. , and industry exhibitors and visitors to discuss hot spots, to build the commercial and technical exchange platform. Four issues to be covered include: industry this year. The era of intelligent servo sensor connection and data transmission of new concept applied in the automotive industry custom machine vision solution security instrument in industrial production process, the application of the fair by the Frankfurt exhibition co. , LTD. , guangzhou, China's foreign trade guangzhou exhibition corporation, guangzhou rich foreign exhibition co. , LTD and Germany jointly undertake game high Frankfurt exhibition co. , LTD. The Frankfurt exhibition co. , LTD and guangzhou foreign trade of China, guangzhou exhibition corporation is the organizer of the exhibition, and by automation institute, guangzhou automation institute of guangdong province and guangzhou city instrument society served as honorary sponsor.
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