Guangzhou teng ying industrial belt co. , LTD. Attention: four consecutive years as the largest industrial robot market in China

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Recently, the guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. The small make up from the recently held in Beijing in the third peak BBS 'made in China, according to the President of the China machinery industry federation rui-xiang wang, according to the survey of the current manufacturing enterprises with independent brand of industrial robots, new orders rose nearly 90% of the enterprises in the first half of the year, 70% of the enterprise growth was more than 20%. At present, our country has become the world's largest industrial robot market for four consecutive years. Rui-xiang wang introduced in peak BBS, 2018 to September, the added value of machinery industry of 11 year-on-year growth. Realization of 18 1%, the main business income. 9 trillion, the total profit of 1. 28 trillion. Compared with 2000, the national machinery industry annual output value is 1. 4 trillion, a month now, can reach 1. 8 trillion. Industrial informationization department statistics also show that the equipment manufacturing industry in our country's existing more than 220 kinds of products production ranks first in the world. Most of them are industrial machinery products. Predicts 2020, industrial robots will increase to 150000 in our country, the ownership through 800000. However, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said cheng smart vision state, manufacturing for countries or advance how fast, no one country can be said has already been completed. Liu best into said:; Our country based on the key of intelligent manufacturing technology already has a good development foundation, but from the comprehensive development of intelligent manufacturing is still a long way to go. Guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. The focus of the industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers have been regarded as the service object, focus on industrial machinery and equipment, the development of the industry is committed to the domestic and foreign machinery and equipment manufacturers to provide more competitive products of high quality service! Guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD is specialized in the production, processing and sales of industrial belt for 15 years, the company belt variety, unique independent development ability, complete specifications, reliable quality, can be customized production. Companies over the years has been adhering to the 'honesty, sincere cooperation' business philosophy, to provide clients with high quality, cheap products and services make you satisfied.
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